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    • Applicants having 1+ year of work experience will have distinctive advantage in selection process.

    Dean’s Note of Welcome

    Welcome to the Indian School of Public Policy!

    The pandemic has been a rude awakening. It felled the developed and developing countries alike. The experience should convince us that GDP and growth alone are not the only indicators of a well-designed society. It has underlined the role of institutions and collective action in the design of a just and sustainable society. These are, and will be, the essence of public policy in the next few decades.

    India needs the youth to be armed with the expertise required to suitably design and implement the rules and institutions that will shape India's local, national, regional and global engagements in the transforming world order — knowledge-based and digital. Our young minds must actively participate in this rebuilding exercise since today's youth will inherit the future society they build.

    The ISPP was conceived as the first Indian school of public policy focused on the design and management of institutions and rules that govern society. It has been set-up by an eminent council of senior academicians, policy experts, administrators and philanthropists, with a vision to develop a new class of policy leaders for India and the region. The School is the institutional successor to several years of public policy programmes that our founding council has conceptualized and run in various forms, in colleges and universities across the country.

    As ISPP embarks on its third year, it affords tremendous scope and possibilities to its various stakeholders. Our aim is to build a flourishing training and research platform, and a vibrant community for talented and ambitious scholars, faculty and practitioners.

    Join us on this exhilarating journey. Welcome once again!

    Shubhashis Gangopadhyay

    Webinar on Public Policy- Key Steps and Scope

    ISPP organized a webinar with Ms. Vineeta Hariharan on the topic Public Policy – Key Steps and Scope.

    Our guest for this webinar is Heading Government Relations & Public Policy at World Bank

    Title: Public Policy – Key Steps and Scope

    About Vineeta Hariharan: 

    Vineeta is a Public Policy Expert with over two decades of experience in leadership roles. Formulated and led key flagship policies and programmes at the National level, in various themes in the Urban, Rural and livelihoods domain.

    About Webinar Topic:

    – Scope for Public Policy in the Corporate sector and Govt sector
    – Advantages of case-based learning
    – Career Opportunities
    – Networking opportunities one could leverage being a Public Policy Professional
    – Live projects, experiential learning opportunities, internships & more
    – A day in the life of a Policymaker

    Date: 13 April, 2019
    Time: 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM
    Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HfZArPgTmyE&t=1145s

    Vision & Mission

    The vision for the school is to institute a world-class programme in India to develop a new class of public policy leaders.

    To equip tomorrow’s professionals to imagine, design and implement locally relevant solutions to India’s unique challenges.

    Become a platform to emphasize the important role of skilled professionals in policy practice.

    Become a close partner of govt, civil society and industry in the developing and training of managerial talent.

    Manager, Communications

    Office Location ISPP Offices, Qutub Institutional Area
    No. of positions 1
    Reporting to Director of Marketing for the School
    Job Description

    Overview of the role and responsibility:

    • To manage the overall communications and public relations related work for the School
    • To assist the larger brand building effort by strategic use of communication and PR

    Specific responsibilities:

    • Communications:

      • Anchor the process of content creation, design and production of all collaterals, both online and offline (brochures, flyers, emailers, advertisements and others), and be the point person to support other team members in producing content for internal or external communication
      • Monitor and ensure the consistency and quality of communication and content that appears in any media, collateral or channel of external or internal communication
      • Work with professional bloggers and writers to create good quality content in the form of blogs, articles and other such media
      • Develop and steer the digital communications strategy for the school utilizing new media and digital platforms for effective communications and outreach
      • Set up and manage internal communication platforms/channels/collateral that will ensure that all internal stakeholders (faculty, students, alumni, donors, founders, partner institutions) are aware of latest developments in the school planning and operations
    • Public Relations:

      • Engage with the partner PR Management firm to:
        • Drive and ensure that strategic objectives and plans pertaining to PR are executed and achieved in a timely and effective manner
        • Track the performance of the PR firm by leading review meetings
        • Provide the required support in the form of drafting press releases, coordinating meetings between the School representatives and those from the media
      • Lead the planning and execution of media/press events across different cities involving founders, faculty and representatives from the partner institutions
      • Build institutional level relationships with journalists, influencers and opinion makers by facilitating regular meetings between them and the key stakeholders of the School
    • Others:

      • Work with external vendors and partners for development and production of marketing collaterals like brochures, ads, prospectus, presentations, website, online ads and so on, as required
      • Stay abreast of the new developments and techniques to enhance the effectiveness of communication and content produced for and by the School

    Prior experience and credentials:

    • Four to five years of experience in communication management
    • Prior experience in managing the function and leading a small team will be preferred
    • A degree in liberal arts or allied disciplines like Writing, Mass-communications, English and Journalism from a leading academic institution in India or abroad

    Qualities desired:

    • Strong writing and communication skills
    • Ability to work in and manage the uncertainties inevitable in a start-up like environment
    • Interest in brand building and the education sector
    • Passion for the domain of education and developing new institutions
    • Intellectual curiosity and commitment to learn
    • Respect for individual voice and ideas in a diverse environment

    Specific technical skills preferred:

    • Organizing and executing projects efficiently, archiving, record keeping
    • Awareness and understanding of the type of content required for for high quality academic institutions and its internal and external stakeholders – students, recruiters, partners, internal team members, faculty and so on
    • Knowledge of reading and mapping insights from social media channels and google analytics
    • Proficiency in using new media platforms for effective communication


    • Commensurate with experience and potential
    • Range of 7-9 lacs pa

    Please note:

    • The responsibilities may require occasional travelling within the country

    How to apply:

    • Please send your CV and a note of on ‘why you would like to take up this opportunity’ (word limit: 500 words) to [email protected] You can address your queries, if any, to the same email address

    Process of selection:

    • Short-listing followed by a brief Skype/Telephonic interview
    • On-the-spot writing, review of writing portfolio followed by in-person interview

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    Academic Coordinator

    Office Location ISPP Offices, Qutub Institutional Area
    No. of positions 1
    Reporting to Assistant Dean, ISPP
    Job Description

    About the role:
    It will involve comprehensive responsibility for students’ academic experience for the duration of the program. The role will involve management of students’ curriculum plans, operations accountability of planning & coordination and coordination for placement and internship.

    Areas of Responsibility:

    • All aspects of curriculum & program delivery under the guidance of the leadership team:
      • Operational aspects of program delivery including calendar management, coordination and scheduling
      • Individual curriculum planning for students across the program, including preparation, counseling and remedials
      • Overall responsibility of skill-shops, workshop courses, policy analyses, capstone projects
      • Specific guidance and counseling of students’ choice of specialization – feasibility and operational aspects
      • Coordination with senior team leaders on aspects of extracurricular experiences and activities including guest lectures, workshops
      • Program assistance on students’ academic and research interests outside curriculum including library access
      • Responsibility of academic aspects of students’ internship and career or planning of further studies

    Ideal Candidate for the Role:

    • Master’s in Public Policy from a top program and strong academic background
    • Interest and conversance with public policy across specializations
    • Academic operations experience at a top Indian or Foreign university or program
    • Familiarity and ease in dealing with students across age groups
    • Experience in career counseling and/or academic path planning
    • Ease and comfort working in a dynamic startup setup under tough deadlines and shifting expectations

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    Skill Workshops

    1. R-programming
    2. Design Thinking
    3. Writing and Communication
    4. Data Sources and Indian Databases
    5. Delegation and Time Management
    6. Negotiation – Persuasion and Dissuasion
    7. Needs Assessment
    8. Impact Evaluation – Quantitative
    9. Impact Evaluation – Qualitative
    10. Monitoring and Evaluation (MIS)
    11. Accounts and Balance Sheets
    12. Detailed Project Reports
    13. Budgeting
    14. Grant Writing
    15. Contract Reading and Writing
    16. Mass Campaigns
    17. Systems Thinking
    18. Market Failures
    19. Project Finance
    20. Public Procurement
    21. Game Theory Workshop
    22. Conflict Management


    1. Statistics and Mathematics
    2. Political Philosophy of Public Policy
    3. Critical Thinking and Reasoning
    4. Markets for Development
    5. Game Theory
    6. Behavioural Economics
    7. Politics of Public Policy
    8. Economics for Policy making
    9. Laws and Policies of Modern India
    10. Public Finance in India
    11. Constitutional Law & Public Policy
    12. Public Policy and Development
    13. Media, Public Opinion & Policy
    14. India's Foreign Policy
    15. Regulation
    16. Society and Culture
    17. Urbanization
    18. Law and Economics
    19. Public Administration in Practice
    20. Ethics and Public Policy
    21. Capstone
    22. Design Thinking
    23. Business and Government
    24. Impact Evaluation
    25. Technology and Public Policy
    26. Foreign Trade & Global Commons