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    Academic Coordinator

    Office Location ISPP Offices, Qutub Institutional Area
    No. of positions 1
    Reporting to Assistant Dean, ISPP
    Job Description

    About the role:
    It will involve comprehensive responsibility for students’ academic experience for the duration of the program. The role will involve management of students’ curriculum plans, operations accountability of planning & coordination and coordination for placement and internship.

    Areas of Responsibility:

    • All aspects of curriculum & program delivery under the guidance of the leadership team:
      • Operational aspects of program delivery including calendar management, coordination and scheduling
      • Individual curriculum planning for students across the program, including preparation, counseling and remedials
      • Overall responsibility of skill-shops, workshop courses, policy analyses, capstone projects
      • Specific guidance and counseling of students’ choice of specialization – feasibility and operational aspects
      • Coordination with senior team leaders on aspects of extracurricular experiences and activities including guest lectures, workshops
      • Program assistance on students’ academic and research interests outside curriculum including library access
      • Responsibility of academic aspects of students’ internship and career or planning of further studies

    Ideal Candidate for the Role:

    • Master’s in Public Policy from a top program and strong academic background
    • Interest and conversance with public policy across specializations
    • Academic operations experience at a top Indian or Foreign university or program
    • Familiarity and ease in dealing with students across age groups
    • Experience in career counseling and/or academic path planning
    • Ease and comfort working in a dynamic startup setup under tough deadlines and shifting expectations

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