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      Tanaya Ramani

      Academic Background

      B.A. (Hons) Economics, Ashoka University
      PGP in Public Policy, Design and Management, Indian School of Public Policy

      Tanaya has over 2 years of experience in the policy and development space, and through her internships and volunteering experience has gained specialization in policy research, quantitative and qualitative data analysis and possesses strong writing and communication skills. She has previously worked with Behind the Scenes, an NGO geared towards ensuring dignity of labour for blue-collared employees, as well as at organisations such as Asian Century Foundation, the office of Dr. Amar Patnaik (MP, Rajya Sabha) and Carnegie India. She is currently the Executive Editor at the ISPP Policy Review, a student-led public policy journal. She is passionate about ensuring the impacts of policies are felt by those they are intended for, and wishes to work towards ensuring better formation and implementation of policy in order to drive impact.

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