Fees and financial-aid

At ISPP, we are committed to ensuring that every student who is admitted to the programme is able to complete it irrespective of her financial background. We have a robust and comprehensive need-based and merit-based financial-aid process that ensures that every deserving student is able to afford ISPP. The award of aid has no relation to your academic or other achievements that may have formed the basis for your selection to the programme.

With generous support from our donors, we have, for the Class of 2019, provisioned for varying levels of aid, ranging from 25% to 100% waiver on fees. We have also kept aside 20% of the seats that will be offered on full-waiver for aid-deserving candidates.


SN Items Fee in INR
1 Programme cost* 700,000
2 Expected boarding and lodging costs** 150,000

*Includes: cost of any course reading or print materials that will be provided. It does not include the cost of books that you may want to purchase during the course of the programme
**This includes the cost of residence in twin-sharing AC rooms, meals and refreshments, electricity and water charges, internet charges, housekeeping and security services.
Please note:
An acceptance fee of INR 50,000 is charged to confirm your seat on the programme. This amount is adjusted against the first instalment of tuition fee that is paid at the time of registration in the programme

Fee payment schedule
The tuition fee is paid in three equal installments over the course of the year. The first one is due at the time of registration.
The boarding and lodging costs are paid in two equal installments over the course of the year. The first one is due at the time of registration.

Financial aid-process
Step 1: Candidates self-report their financial situation as per the application form. This information is not shared with the admissions team.
Step 2: Candidates bring all supporting documents for their financial situation to the personal interaction where they are reviewed and collected by the Financial-aid team.
Step 3: Financial-aid team may seek additional information if required, after which the team makes the decision on award of aid to the candidate.