Industry Partners

The Indian School of Public Policy holds meaningful support from leading corporate organizations, government wings and non-profit groups. The School will be supported by its industry partners in designing the curriculum, conducting policy action exercises, facilitating live projects on policy practice, internships and placements.

Some key industry engagement initiatives are:

  • Speaker Series – Our flagship industry engagement series where we invite industry leaders and public policy executives to take lectures at our campus. Speakers delve into the nuances of being a public policy professional in India, and offer our students valuable insights into the industry.
  • Tea & Policy – An informal engagement series where we invite public policy professionals from a diverse range of industry backgrounds to a free flowing discussion with our students. These professionals explain the work that they do and share key learnings over hot cups of tea.
  • Design Jams and Workshops – We host workshops with industry leaders focusing on core policy issues faced by respective industries. Recent workshops included one with WhatsApp to examine the various privacy and tech related issues surrounding the use of their messaging platform.
  • Immersive Learning Projects – These projects are designed to enable our scholars to work on current projects at various firms and organisations, providing them an immersive learning experience. The scholars will work in groups over the period of a month to complete real life industry projects. ISPP scholars kicked off their Immersive Learning Project (ILP) with organizations from various industries in the policy domain. ILP is a six-week engagement directly with the organizations that allows our scholars to work on real problems or issues, under remote guidance of a mentor from the organization. The initiative provides our scholars a great opportunity to get perspectives of a multi-disciplinary team of policy designers.
  • Policy Hackathons – Through this initiative, we take the format of a hackathon and tweak it towards solving public policy problems. Policy organisations will present existing problem statements to the scholars, and the scholars will work towards drafting workable policy solutions over the next 24 hours.

Academic Partners

Staying true to delivering an experiential programme, the ISPP will be assisted by its industry partners in designing and structuring curriculum, apart from organizing and conducting policy action exercises, industry seminars, field-immersions, internships and placements for students.