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    ISPP Policy Relay One Year of COVID-19: Game Theory & Vaccination

    The spread of infection like Covid-19 depends on interactions among people: individual A’s decision (e.g. to obtain vaccination or not) affects not only A, but also B, and vice versa. Game Theory is a way to model multi-person settings in which a player’s payoff depends on their own actions and those of others.
    In our concluding session of the special seminar series “ISPP Policy Relay: One Year of Covid” we will have Dr. Krishna K. Ladha, esteemed faculty at ISPP and distinguished fellow, India Development Foundation examine the issue of vaccination using game theory while recognizing that our conclusions extend beyond vaccination.
    To get a sneak peek into an ISPP classroom, join the webinar this Sunday, conducted by an ISPP faculty member.
    To register: https://bit.ly/3rbznIT