IPR: Policy Review

The ISPP Policy Review (IPR) is a scholar-led policy journal of the Indian School of Public Policy. IPR’s mission is to disseminate comprehensive information on complex policy issues through an objective and analytical lens. The journal aims at covering subjects of social, economic, and political relevance across India and the globe. It represents a conscious attempt to bring out evidence-based, credible policy insights that would play a significant role in shaping young minds. Our readership includes students, policy scholars, researchers, academics, and policy professionals. At IPR, we envision authors to be contributing to impactful policy discourses that shape a better tomorrow. Blog style articles, policy analysis, opinion editorial, interview/ podcasts, case study, in-depth pieces are the various types of articles that IPR accommodates in every edition.

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IPR is the home I can come back to after the adventurous hikes we take through economics, political philosophy, data, development, and more! Being the Commissioning Editor for an academic journal that features work from some of the most prominent names in the policy space has been a dream project and an incredible learning experience for me.

Paavi Kulshreshth

Commissioning Editor, IPR 2021

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