The ISPP’s first batch of students for the flagship certificate programme is filled with talented, ambitious and intellectually curious students from around the country.

The ISPP’s Unique Approach to Admissions

As a unique, first of its kind School, our approach to admissions to our programme reflects our intent to change the paradigm of policy education in the country. We are looking for students, who have not just demonstrated academic excellence, but found a way to engage with community, society and issues beyond the classroom. Our approach to admissions will be holistic, in-depth, and prize interest, aptitude and intent.

Basic Requirements

The ISPP’s flagship certificate programme
requires standard admissions requirements that all students be graduates and fluent in English.

How to Apply

Application to the programme is
straightforward. Students are required to submit a simple form along with supporting material.

Speak to an Advisor

The ISPP has ready and helpful admissions
officers willing to counsel prospective students. Fix up a time today.


The application form is common for all students interested in the programme and forms the basis of your admissions process at the ISPP.
  1. We follow a rolling selection process within each round i.e. the earlier you apply within any round, the faster your application is processed for shortlisting, immersion and decision
  2. Early applicants have the benefit of having more time to take their decisions for acceptance
  3. Early applications also have a better probability of getting selected because the number of seats that are available are higher in the beginning

The submission of the application is the first step in the admissions process.

Application forms for the founding batch are live on the website. The application form will be available for download, from the website, until the deadline for the 3rd round.

Timelines are as under:

Open Close
Round 1 1 – October, 2018 15 -January, 2019
Round 2 16 – January, 2019 31 – March, 2019
Round 3 1 – April, 2019 20 – May, 2019
Round 4 21 – May, 2019 30 – June, 2019

Our programme ensures the understanding of “What is policy?" and its diverse nuances. At the ISPP, we are committed to ensuring that every student, who is admitted to our programme, is able to complete it irrespective of the financial background. We have a robust and comprehensive need-based/merit-based financial-aid process that ensures that every deserving student is able to afford this unique course in public policy. The award of aid has no relation to your academic, or other achievements that may have formed the basis for your selection to the programme.

With generous support from our donors, we have, for the class of 2019, provisioned for varying levels of aid, upto 100% waiver on fees.


Serial number Items Fee in INR
1 Programme cost* 7,00,000
2 Expected boarding and lodging costs** 1,50,000

“All the fees indicated above are inclusive of GST".

*Includes the cost of any reading or print material (related to the course) that will be provided. It does not include the cost of books that you may want to purchase during the course of the programme.

**This includes the cost of residence in twin-sharing AC rooms, meals and refreshments, electricity and water charges, internet charges, housekeeping and security services.

Please note:
An acceptance fee of INR 50,000 is charged to confirm your seat for the programme. This amount will be fully refunded after your payment of the second installment of tuition fee at the time of registration for the programme.


Acceptance Deposit: Students have to pay a 100% refundable deposit of Rs 50,000 when they decide to accept the offer made to them.

Tuition Fee: The tuition fee is payable in three installments. 20% of the fee has to be paid before the registration to the course at a specified date, 30% at the time of registration (2 August 2019) and 50% at the middle of the course (31 January 2020).

Boarding and Lodging Fee: The Boarding and Lodging fee will be payable in two equal parts, first at the time of registration (2 August 2019), and second at the middle of the course (31 January 2020).

Note that all fee values are inclusive of GST.

Acceptance Deposit of Rs. 50,000 is 100% refundable at the time of Registration, which is 2 August 2019

At a select time after acceptance During Registration (2 August 2019) During the middle of the course (31 January 2020)
Programme Cost 20% 30% 50%
Boarding Cost 50% 50%


Acceptance Fee Deposit: The acceptance fee of INR 50,000 is fully refundable. This will be refunded to you 100% at the time of registration (2 August 2019), after receiving your first installment. If however, you choose to withdraw from the programme, we will refund this amount when you inform us of your decision.

Tuition Fee: Tuition fee is refundable with some deductions. If you decide to withdraw from the programme before one month from the Registration (that is, before 2 July), a 10% deduction will be made on the tuition fee paid until then. Until 15 August, a 50% deduction on the tuition fee paid until then will apply (note that by then, you would have paid 50% of the tuition fee). No refund will be made on or after 16 August.

Boarding and Lodging Fee: The Boarding and Lodging Fee is not refundable.

Deduction on Programme Cost

On or before 2 July
Between 2 July and 2 August
(you would have paid 20% of the Programme Cost until then)
Between 2 August and 15 August 50% (you would have paid 50% of Programme Cost until then)
After 15 August 100% (no refund)

No refund on Boarding Cost, once paid.

Financial aid-process

Step 1: Candidates self-report their financial situation as per the application form. This information is not shared with the admissions team.

Step 2: Candidates bring all supporting documents pertaining to their financial situation to the personal interaction where they are reviewed and collected by the financial-aid team.

Step 3: The financial-aid team may seek additional information, if required, after which the team makes the decision on award of aid to the candidate.

Eligible Students

Admissions are not only open for students from the fields of public administration, public policy, governance or similar. Students are welcome to apply from across the spectrum, regardless of past work-experience, present career or choice of discipline at the Bachelors level. There are no minimum academic criteria either. The ISPP is looking for a diverse, intellectually curious and socially conscious student body, open to a wide variety of career options related to public policy and its nuances.

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Basic Requirements

The 1-year programme in Policy, Design & Management is certificate course open to all college graduates from India or abroad. While no prior public policy experience or education is expected of students, it is assumed that they have basic numerical literacy, and fluency in English as minimum admission requirements.

The programme welcomes students straight out of college, as well as early career professionals. There is no minimum or maximum age to admission eligibility.

To apply, students must complete the comprehensive ISPP admissions form and submit supporting documentation as required.

Please note: The ISPP reserves the sole right to offer and/or revoke the admissions and scholarships to the applicants at any point of time.

How to Apply

Applying to the 1-year programme in Policy, Design & Management is straightforward and simple.

To apply, prospective students must complete the comprehensive ISPP admissions form online, available on the ISPP website, and submit the supporting documentation.

The form will be available on the website from the 1 October, 2018 onwards. This may be submitted, at any time, during the School’s three rounds of admissions, dates of which are available on:

Post application, students may be called for an in-person interview, based on the merits of their candidacy.

Speak to an Advisor

To understand more about the programme, the application process or admissions eligibility, prospective students can speak to an ISPP advisor at any time.

ISPP advisors are ready and helpful admissions officers willing to counsel prospective students through an in-person meeting or Skype chat or phone call.

Students can use the Contact Uspage to setup a meeting or call with an advisor.