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Admissions Open: Upcoming Cohort of PDM Programme
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Post Graduate Programme

ISPP’s flagship programme in Public Policy, Design & Management for candidates interested in making an impact in the public policy sphere.

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Upcoming Batch

Date: Starts from 29 July 2024

Duration: 1 year

Location: On Campus

Format: Full Time

Total Programme Fees: ₹8,40,000 (+18% GST)

  • Admission fee: ₹1,00,000 (+18% GST)
  • Tuition fee:  ₹7,00,000 (+18% GST)
  • Security deposit: ₹20,000 (refundable)
  • Infrastructure Development fee: ₹ 40,000 (+18% GST)

Programme Highlights

The programme provides an in-depth understanding of public policy and formulation to equips students with design and management precepts, with the objective to develop better systems thinkers and policy executives.





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Eligibility & Admissions

ISPP’s admissions process seeks scholars with academic excellence and community engagement, aiming to identify change-driven individuals. Our approach to admissions is holistic, in-depth, and looks for interest, aptitude and intent in the applicant.
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1. Admissions Timeline

  • ISPP offers admission to its Public Policy, Design & Management PG Programme on a rolling basis.
  • There is no application deadline; however we will stop accepting applications as soon as all our seats are full.
  • Early application is advised for opportunities like assistantship and advanced academic preparation.
  • Enrolling early also grants access to special guest lectures and networking events before the programme starts in July.

2. Eligibility for Admission

  • Eligibility: Graduates from any discipline, from Indian or International universities.
  • Final-year undergraduate students can apply, but must complete their degree before the PG programme starts.
  • Work experience is preferred but not mandatory for outstanding candidates.
  • No specific skills or technical background required, except for numerical literacy and language proficiency.
  • Selection focuses on curricular and extracurricular activities to assess excellence and commitment.
  • Ideal candidates demonstrate collaborative ability, leadership, communication skills, humility, and adaptability.

3. Application Process

  • Applicants must register on the ISPP Admissions Portal using basic personal details.
  • It’s advised to use a personal email, not a school or office email, for registration.
  • All ISPP communications will be sent to the registered email address.
  • After receiving a unique username and password from ISPP, applicants log in to complete the Online Admissions Application Form with required supporting documents.

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4. Selection Process

  • The PDM programme has a three-stage selection process: Shortlisting of applications, Written Test and Personal Interview (PI).
  • Applications will be shortlisted on the basis of following two conditions:
    • Not less than 50% marks in the most recent educational qualification
    • Not more than 4 years of gap between education / employment
  • The Written Test is a one-hour assessment. The test contains 16 Qualitative questions and 21 Quantitative questions.
  • In Personal Interview (PI), individual interactions assess the applicant’s interest in public policy, future plans, and suitability for the PDM programme.
  • The final selection for admission to the PDM programme will be based on the total score obtained by the candidates in the selection process, taking into account the recommendations provided by the interview panelists.

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Designed on skills, ethics and leadership to master theory and practice. The curriculum integrates classroom learning, skill building, application and leadership and management training consisting of foundation, core and supporting courses.

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Our approach to admissions is holistic, in-depth, and looks for interest, aptitude and intent in the applicant.

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Designed on skills, ethics and leadership to nurture masters of theory and practice, with the objective of impacting change. 

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We offer assistantships to students based on their financial need. Learn about assistantships and financial support available.

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Fee Structure

We offer assistantship to scholars based on their financial need. Learn about assistantship and financial support available.

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1. Fee Breakdown

ISPP’s Postgraduate Programme in Public Policy, Design and Management has a Total Programme Fee of ₹8,40,000 (+18% GST) for the 2024-25 Academic Year.

The detailed fee structure is as under:

  • Admission Fee: ₹1,00,000 (+18% GST) to be deposited at the time of Acceptance of Admissions Offer
  • Tuition Fee: ₹7,00,000 (+18% GST) to be deposited before the commencement of the programme
  • Security Deposit: ₹20,000 (Refundable upon Programme Completion)
  • Infrastructure Development fee: ₹ 40,000 (+18% GST)

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2. Payment Plan

Two options will be available for offer holders for the fee payment:

  • Pay entire programme fee payment in one go (lump-sum). Those making the lump-sum payment will get a 10% discount on programme fees of 8.4 lakhs plus GST.
  • Pay the tuition fees in two equal installments. They will not receive any discount in this case.

Fee payments need to be made within the prescribed time mentioned in the payment schedule sent in the offer letter.

3. Assistantship

ISPP is committed to fostering inclusivity and strives to provide optimal Assistantship opportunities for deserving applicants, facilitating their participation in PDM. Assistantships are awarded based on demonstrated financial need. Depending on the extent of the assistantship granted, scholars are expected to contribute a specific number of hours per week to collaborative projects within the ISPP team. This structure mirrors the teaching or research assistantship models commonly found in universities. At ISPP, these roles may encompass communication, event management, and other responsibilities tailored to the scholar’s skills and the Institute’s requirements.

The Assistantship Application Form is available at the ISPP Application Portal along with the Programme Application and is to be filed voluntarily if an applicant wishes to apply for Assistantship.

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4. Education Loan

ISPP Admissions Office provides assistance to applicants in securing Education Loans to fund their education at ISPP. If you want to apply for an Education Loan, connect with us at [email protected] or call any representative of the ISPP Admissions Office.

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5. EMI Option

As part of our ongoing efforts to provide more flexibility in fee payment to our enrolled students, ISPP has partnered with GrayQuest, an education finance company specializing in student EMI options. This option allows students to choose EMI option for fee payments, providing them with greater financial flexibility.

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Students discover job opportunities in domains like Government, NGOs, Think Tanks, Academia, Public and Industry Bodies, receive assistance with off-campus opportunities, and interviews.

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Why should I study ISPP Postgraduate Programme in Public Policy, Design and Management?

The one-year programme trains individuals in the science of policy formulation and policy making by taking them through a rigorous programme divided into seven terms of 7 weeks each. The penultimate exercise of the programme involves scholars working on a Capstone Exercise to solve a contemporary policy challenge through original policy solutions. In addition to the academic training, ISPP PDM Programme offers various networking opportunities, access to professional forums, and careers and placement support.

What is the structure of the ISPP Postgraduate Programme in Public Policy, Design and Management?

What will be the ISPP Postgraduate Programme Class Size?

Why is ISPP Postgraduate Programme offered as a one-year programme, and not as a two-year programme?

Is the ISPP Public Policy Programme Programme a residential programme?

Does ISPP provide placements and career support to its Postgraduate Programme scholars?

Who is eligible to apply for the ISPP PG Programme in Public Policy, Design and Management?

The eligibility criteria for the Post Graduate Programme at ISPP are designed to attract candidates who demonstrate a clear and purposeful commitment to engaging in public policy. The Post Graduate Programme at ISPP welcomes applications from both graduates and working professionals. We place significant emphasis on evaluating candidates based on their prior experiences in work, be it full-time positions, contractual engagements, internships, or volunteer opportunities. Furthermore, applicants are assessed on their depth of understanding in a thematic area and its broader policy implications. Graduates and working professionals who fulfill these criteria are encouraged to apply, as we believe their diverse perspectives will enhance the overall educational experience of the programme.

If the medium of instruction in my institution was other than English, am I still eligible for the programme?

What are the ISPP Postgraduate Programme Application Deadlines?

Admissions for ISPP’s Postgraduate Programme in Public Policy, Design and Management are conducted on rolling basis. There is no fixed deadline, and applications will be accepted until seats are full. We encourage you to apply at the earliest to secure your spot in the upcoming cohort.

Is there any Application Fee for admission to ISPP Postgraduate Programme?

Are there any key points one must carefully address in their Admission Application to the ISPP Postgraduate Programme?

What are the documents I will need to complete my Admissions Application to ISPP Postgraduate Programme?

Do I need to complete the Online Admissions Application within one session?

What should I do if I have submitted incorrect information or documents in my application?

How will I know if my Admissions Application has been submitted to ISPP?

What is the Selection Process to the ISPP Postgraduate Programme?

ISPP admits scholars to its Postgraduate Programme in Public Policy, Design and Management through a 3-Stage Selection Process, which includes application shortlisting, an Online Aptitude Test followed by a Personal Interview Round. Every phase of the selection process serves as an elimination round. Only shortlisted applicants are invited to the subsequent stages of the selection process. You can find detailed information on the Selection Process above, under the ‘Selection Process’ section.

How does ISPP conduct its selection process: Online or Offline?

How and when will I know if I have been selected to the ISPP Postgraduate Programme?

Can I reapply if I have not been selected to the ISPP Postgraduate Programme?

What is the Fee Structure for the ISPP Postgraduate Programme?

For the upcoming academic year, ISPP’s Postgraduate Programme in Public Policy, Design and Management is offered at a total programme fee of ₹8,40,000 (+18% GST). More details about the various components of the programme fee can be found above under the ‘Fee Structure’ section.

Is the ISPP Postgraduate Programme an expensive Public Policy Programme?

Are there any financing options to fund my studies at ISPP?

How can I make the fee payment if I am offered admission at ISPP?

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