Life at ISPP

At ISPP, we aim to build a group of empathetic, curious and ambitious students. We aim to inspire you!

A considerable part of your learning will take place outside the classroom with your peers and mentors. Students will work on projects with mentors, engage in live projects, workshops and interactions with industry experts to enrich their worldview and build creative designs to understand policy spaces with senior policy makers and leaders. All of this will be interspersed with cultural osmosis drawn from each other and faculty.

The campus is a flourishing space in the Qutub Institutional Area of New Delhi, the policy hub of our country. It is India’s first policy school situated in the heart of South Delhi. With a state-of-the-art classroom topped with latest technological facilities, clubbed with a in-campus library boasting of an extensive collection of books, journals and magazines; the students also get the freedom to facilitate group work and hold discussions within more relaxed spaces on the campus like the cafeteria, reading rooms, study lounges, workshop spaces, and more.

A vibrant student life supports the campus life with a student-elected Scholar Senate that is responsible for the student life and works closely with the management of the institution to ensure personal development and co-curricular activities. Some of the popular student-run initiatives are:

  • Policy Review – Our in-house digital publication that publishes original policy analysis, opinion pieces and research findings. The student-led editorial board curates pieces from both in-house sources and from external contributors.
  • Case Study Club – The Case Study Club has been formed as an avenue for the scholars to discuss, debate and ideate on multiple facets of a case study. The club acts as a pool of resources and experiences, providing a conducive environment for peer-to-peer learning.
  • Storytelling Club – Storytelling Club is a space for experimentation with different formats and forms of mediums towards enabling effective communication of ideas. Members of this club will draw inspiration from art, movies and experiences to develop better means of communication.

Others include: Women in Public Policy Club, Debate Club, Arts and Culture Club, Running Club.