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The Case Study Centre

ISPP’s newest venture, produces case studies that cover a wide range of issues in public policy, administration, and governance with a uniquely Indian focus.

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Signing of Partnership between CBC and ISPP to develop case studies on Public Policy

Capacity Building Commission

The Indian School of Public Policy’s Case Study Centre is embarking on a project to create shared learning resources for the Capacity Building Commission. The objective of this project is to develop case studies, an important tool for public policy education, to further capacitate India’s civil servants. These case studies, a total of 30 in number, will be based on the innovations submitted to the Commission through the Innovations in Public Administration Challenge and will be used at various central and state training institutes around the country.

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Case Study Centre: Team

The Case Study Centre converts the tensions and dilemmas faced by policymakers into teaching material. The centre provides learners with a rich repository of real-life policy problems they can analyse, solve, and learn from. These case studies, once developed, will be used in ISPP’s classrooms, central and state training institutes, as well as private training institutes.

Dr O.P Agarwal

Vincy Davis

Imran Amin