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ISPP Policy Review (IPR)

An open-access e-magazine housed within ISPP, IPR serves as a bridge between academia and praxis. The review is a valuable resource for policy and development practitioners, academia, industry experts, and civil society.

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Letter from the Editor-in-Chief

Dear Readers,

We are thrilled to present the latest edition of ISPP Policy Review (IPR). The Editorial Board is all set to bring forth compelling works in the field of public policy in India. IPR is housed within the Indian School of Public Policy, a knowledge institution that aims to democratise public policy education in India.

IPR’s vision is to explore the interdisciplinary and dynamic nature of public policy through deliberation on contemporary policy issues. To realise this vision, we will be introducing new formats as comic strips and short films, to stir active engagement and simplify policy conversations.

In the coming year and in a first for us, IPR will publish print editions of carefully curated articles targeted at policymakers and thought leaders. Our publications aim to reflect plurality of thought and expression to provide coherent policy recommendations.

We encourage voices from across domains to write for IPR. We hope to provide a comprehensive platform for driving positive change by bridging the gap between academia and praxis.

Nehal Gaur
Editor-in-Chief, ISPP Policy Review

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IPR explores contemporary public policy conversations through compelling formats.

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IPR Team

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Write for Us

The ISPP Policy Review invites articles that are insightful, thought-provoking and enriches the dialogue in the following topic areas: Health Policy and Management, Education Policy and Design, Environmental Studies, Science, Technology, and Infrastructure Policy, Urbanization and Governance, Human Rights and Social Justice, Economy and Finance, and National Security.

If you wish to get your articles and images featured on IPR, send your submissions to [email protected]. Click below to know more