A vision for a new School of Public Policy to develop policy professionals with the knowledge, skills, wisdom and ethics to imagine, design and implement customised solutions to India’s policy and governance challenges.

Vision & Mission

The vision for the school is to institute a world-class programme in India to develop a new class of public policy leaders.

To equip tomorrow’s professionals to imagine, design and implement locally relevant solutions to India’s unique challenges.

Become a platform to emphasize the important role of skilled professionals in policy practice.

Become a close partner of govt, civil society and industry in the developing and training of managerial talent.

About The School

The Indian School of Public Policy is founded with a belief and ambition stemming from the experience of engaging with policy questions and policy training for over two decades in various forms. Our founders seek to institutionalize these initiatives in a cutting-edge school that can serve a broader community in the country.

The School will commence with a year-long, Master’s equivalent certificate programme in Policy, Design & Management, intended to prepare students for challenging careers in policy action across government, industry and civil-society.

The school will follow a comprehensive training philosophy and the curriculum will be a blended design of the theory, perspectives and best-practices of public policy from around the world, augmented with technical, managerial and leadership skills.


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