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      Akash Mishra


      B.Tech (Computer Science), JIIT Noida

      Work Experience

      6 Years

      Akash is a policy and tech aficionado with consulting experience in business development & analyst roles with national & international clients such as the WB, ADB & GOI(MoRT&H). Working chiefly in the infrastructure & technology sector, as the youngest AVP at his firm, he has successfully led teams & developed critical skills pertaining to project & stakeholder management & negotiations.

      Furthermore, he has also cleared the highly competitive & prestigious state civil services examination(UP) which has given him a rich cross sectoral know-how and a deep-rooted understanding of Govt. structure & policies. He has worked with the Capacity Building Commission for the documentation of Rewa solar case study and is currently interning with British Petroleum, working on a project to assist in the establishment of carbon markets in India. He aspires to boost evidence-based policy-making using his Data science background.

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