By Krishna Ladha

Offered to: Class of 2020, 2021, and 2022

Prerequisites: Game Theory course

Office Hours: Drop-in sessions and/or by appointment

This couse aims to explore why a government does what it does and learn to examine an issue (e.g., trade, environment, food security, health) from both economic and political points of view.

In this course, scholars also aim to learn to formulate non-market strategy of an organization, and legitimate ways to influence government policy making.

Through this course, scholars should be able to learn:

a. Market failure, the problem of collective action and the role of government;

b. Certain properties of dictatorial and democratic governance;

c. The distinction between the economics of an issue and the politics of the issue;

d. Ways to anticipate policy change;

e. How an organization can influence policy outcomes;

f. The ways to integrate an organization's market and non-market strategies on the basis of current and anticipated government policies;

g. about (i) interest groups (e.g., producers, consumers, associations, Unions), and who becomes organized and who does not,
(ii) how various issues of the day (e.g., tariff, environment, corporate bail-out, poverty, education) unfold, and attract

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