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Business and Government

This course delves into the complex interplay between business and government. It has been designed to unravel the motivations behind government actions and offers a dual perspective on critical issues such as trade, environment, food security, and health from economic and political viewpoints. Scholars will learn to formulate and integrate an organisation’s market and non-market strategies, understanding how these can be influenced by and how they can influence government policymaking. The curriculum covers various essential topics, including market failure, the problem of collective action, the roles of various governance systems, and the distinct dynamics of economic and political analyses. Participants will also examine the influence of interest groups like producers, consumers, associations, and unions, and understand how issues such as tariffs, environmental regulations, corporate bailouts, poverty, and education emerge and evolve in public discourse. This course equips scholars with the tools to anticipate policy changes and effectively shape policy outcomes, aligning organisational strategies with current and anticipated government policies.

Krishna K Ladha

Professor at ISPP, Distinguished Fellow at India Development Foundation