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    By Amit Krishn Gulati (class of 2022)

    Offered to: Class of 2020, 2021, and 2022

    Prerequisites: None

    Office Hours: Group office hours and/or by appointment

    We live in a world of increasing uncertainty where definitive answers remain elusive. There is ambiguity all around us and we have to constantly adapt and co-create in order to thrive. This capacity is at the heart of Design Thinking.

    This course is an introduction to Design Thinking for aspiring policy- makers, social innovators and anyone else interested in learning more about an approach that can be applied to find solutions to a variety of ill-defined and complex problems.

    This course will be based on presentations, interactive discussions, readings and collaborative exercises that will help bring Design Thinking practices to life.

    The objective is to give scholars an interactive immersion into Design Thinking principles and methods. The core idea is to apply empathy while solving problems...to enhance the ability to identify and respond to existing and emerging challenges, apply greater sensitivity while dealing with people-centric businesses or innovating & scaling product ideas across categories, new services or policy interventions.

    This course will be conducted through sharing of case-studies that illustrate the Design Process and Design Thinking and creative methods accompanied by multiple interactive discussions and assignments that will give the scholars a launch-pad to understand and apply Design principles and methods and gauge their effectiveness.