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Dr Anup Wadhawan

Former Commerce Secretary for the Government of India (Retd.)

Dr Anup Wadhawan is a distinguished professional with extensive policy experience in various sectors. He has served as India’s Commerce Secretary, showcasing expertise in foreign trade and investment, as well as roles in banking, insurance, pensions, and capital markets within the Indian government. Additionally, Dr Wadhawan has significant provincial policy-making experience in regions like Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand, covering a wide range of areas such as urban development, forestry, education, disaster management etc.

His career also includes district-level development administration and public administration roles, highlighting his diverse skill set in both rural and urban development. Notably, he has regulatory experience with the UP-power regulator and has contributed to public utility reform during his tenure at the World and African Development Banks. Dr Wadhawan also has teaching experience in economics and public & development policy.

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