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    Pronab Sen

    Interim Director; Professor at ISPP, Principal Economic Adviser, Planning Commission

    Economics of Public Policy

    Interim Director and Professor Former PRINCIPAL ECONOMIC ADVISER, Planning Commission

    Pronab Sen is the former Country Director for the India Programme of the International Growth Centre (IGC). He received his Ph.D. in Economics from the John Hopkins University specializing in open-economy macroeconomic systems, international economics and public finance.

    Most recently the Chairman of the National Statistical Commission, he has also held positions as the Principal Economic Adviser, at the Government of India’s Planning Commission; and as the first Chief Statistician of India, acting as the functional and technical head of the national statistical system in India, as well as Secretary, Ministry of Statistics & Programme Implementation, Government of India (2007-2010).

    As a representative of the Planning Commission, he was a Principal Author and Coordinator of (a) the Mid-term Appraisal of the Eighth Five Year Plan, (b) the Ninth Five Year Plan, (c) the Mid-term Appraisal of the Ninth Five Year Plan, (d) the Tenth Five Year Plan, e) the Mid-term Appraisal of the Tenth Five Year Plan and the Mid-term Appraisal of the Twelfth Five Year Plan.