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    Seema Chowdhry

    Curriculum Director,

    Harappa Education

    Seema Chowdhry is Curriculum Director at Harappa Education. She is a Digital Media Journalist/Editor, with a Master’s in Public Administration, and brings with her over 20 years of experience in narrative-lead features journalism with special focus on corporate social responsibility (CSR), philanthropy, social entrepreneurship, future of work, responsible business practices, impact investing, among others.

    Her domain knowledge of policy and advocacy tools used in the development sector is exemplary. Ms. Chowdhry’s special skill has been to create focused series on a theme; she has produced and edited comprehensive features series: “Gifting, Giving”, “Changing Face of Indian Philanthropy”, “Decoding FCRA”, “CSR Spending Trends”, and others.  At present, she is working on narratives around the Indian workplace and how it is changing, what is the future of work in urban India, women in the workplace, gig economy and work-life from a millennial lens.