Shilpa Pandit

Associate Professor, Chinmaya University, Kerala

Shilpa Pandit is a trained Psychologist and a Development Professional with a Ph.D. in health in school contexts, and more than a decade of research work experience in different domains of social and human development. Over the past 9-10 years, she has been an expert researcher on subjects such as gender, health, poverty and livelihoods, and employability.

Ms. Pandit is Co-Founder, DreamPath Foundation, a foundation that has reached out to more than 8000 youth and adolescents, in and around Bengaluru, on career exploration and life skills. She consults actively on social development projects, with expertise in conceptualization, design and analysis of both quantitative as well as qualitative research methods. Ms. Pandit is a Master Trainer for various capacity building programmes, having written training manuals for adults/teachers/NGO workers and others. Her core areas of expertise lie in working with adolescents and youth, across backgrounds, towards work, careers and livelihoods.