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Pradeep Mukerjee

Founder Director, Conflunce Coaching and Consulting

Pradeep works on enhancing organizational and leadership effectiveness. His specialty is to identify and help build organizational capabilities and supportive organization structures and systems for effective organizational performance; define and implement people strategies that enable business success and develop leadership talent through coaching.

Currently, he runs his own firm Confluence Coaching & Consulting and is also a partner at Global HR Lead Partners LLP. Pradeep has over 27 years of rich corporate experience in India and overseas, having managed an organization as a CEO and having led the human resources function for many years.

Pradeep’s experience in corporations and as a consultant, includes defining and driving a business strategy, enhancing profitability of consulting business, defining organization structures, defining and driving the human resource and people agenda in corporations in the IT and financial services sectors for 19 years, in-depth assessment and development of leadership talent, executive coaching and career counseling, enabling creation of high performing work organizations, facilitating visioning for organizations, re-engineering HR processes, and introducing and managing appropriate interventions for enhancing organizational effectiveness.

He has a number of achievements to his credit including pioneering introduction of cafeteria approach to compensation in 1991 in India and introducing sales incentives in the banking industry in the country in 2000. Pradeep has worked in the Middle East and United States during the course of his career. His last corporate assignment was as CEO of Mercer India Pvt.Ltd., part of the largest global HR Consulting firm. From 2000 to 2007, he headed Human Resource function for all of Citigroup’s different businesses in South Asia covering banking, consumer finance, BPO, KPO, brokerage and technology infrastructure space in ten different legal vehicles. Pradeep’s focus is to help organizations, leaders and people find their true potential.

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