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Management of Societies 

Dive into the dynamic interplay of management, laws, and institutions in our course on the evolution of societal structures. This course starts by exploring how societies manage diverse interests through a mix of centralisation and decentralisation, which is crucial for thriving and defending against threats. We trace the historical ascent of legal systems and governance structures, from ancient kingships to modern democracies, focusing on case studies including the Maurya Empire, ancient Athens, and modern India. Leveraging game-theoretic reasoning and political philosophy, the course analyses the creation and evolution of laws and institutions based on the power dynamics of their proponents and opponents. Highlighting influential texts from Aristotle’s Politics to Chanakya’s Arthashastra and modern political analysis, the curriculum underscores the enduring relevance of the Great Books, providing a deep understanding of how democratic systems and institutional frameworks influence societal outcomes. This comprehensive approach fosters independent thinking and equips scholars with the analytical tools to evaluate and influence contemporary governance and policy issues.

Krishna K Ladha

Professor at ISPP, Distinguished Fellow at India Development Foundation