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    • Applicants having 1+ year of work experience will have distinctive advantage in selection process.


    Indian School of Public Policy’s approach to admissions is built upon the institution’s core intent to change the paradigm of policy education in the country. We are looking for scholars who have not just demonstrated academic excellence, but found a way to engage with community, society and issues beyond the classroom.

    ISPP’s admission process strives to identify prospective scholars who possess an attitude, interest and intent, with a drive to bring about change. As an institution that celebrates diversity, we encourage applications from a wide range of candidates to build academically, demographically and geographically diverse scholar cohorts. We have admitted exemplary scholars from across the country to be part of our unique and immersive programmes. Join our next batch to join the community of change makers!

    Post Graduate Programme in Policy, Design and Management
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    • Eligibility for Admission
    • Application Process
    • Selection Process
    • Fee Structure
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    Post Graduate Programme in Public Policy, Design and Management

    Post Graduate Programme in Public Policy, Design and Management is ISPP's flagship programme for citizens interested in making an impact in the public policy sphere. The one-year programme trains individuals in the science of policymaking by taking them through a rigorous programme divided into seven terms of 7 weeks each.

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    Admissions Timeline

    ISPP conducts admissions for its PG Programme in Public Policy, Design & Management in three admission rounds. However, the conduct of the second and third admission rounds is subject to the availability of seats.

    The ISPP Admissions Office advises all applicants to submit their applications as early as possible. Scholars who enrol for the PG Programme in the early round(s) get an opportunity to be awarded merit scholarships subject to available grants, subject readings and masterclasses for advance academic preparation, and access to special guest lectures and networking opportunities held at ISPP, all of them much prior to the actual start of their programme in August.

    Eligibility for Admission

    ISPP's Postgraduate Programme in Public Policy, Design and Management is open for candidates who have successfully completed their undergraduate studies, regardless of discipline, from an Indian or International University. Applicants who are currently enrolled in the final year of their undergraduate studies are also eligible to apply; however, they must ensure that they successfully complete all requirements of their undergraduate studies before the commencement of the PG Programme at ISPP.

    We prefer to admit scholars with prior work experience in relevant domains; however, the work experience requirement is not mandatory for exceptional candidates. Applicants are not expected to possess any prior specific skills, background or technical experience other than numerical literacy and language proficiency.

    Our unique multidimensional selection process takes a close look at the curricular and extracurricular activities undertaken by applicants in order to evaluate their excellence and commitment. An individual's ability to work collaboratively, aptitude for leadership, communication skills, humility and adaptability are some of the key characteristics of an ideal ISPP Scholar.

    ISPP PG Programme in Public Policy, Design and Management is available only to Indian nationals. ISPP reserves the right to offer and revoke admissions or scholarships for an applicant on disclosure of any concerning information or facts at any point of time.

    Application Process

    Applicants can register online with the ISPP Admissions Portal using their basic credentials. We recommend using a personal email address at the time of registration, and not a school or office-affiliated email. All communication from ISPP will be sent only to the email address entered at the time of registration by the applicant.

    Upon receipt of their unique username and password combination from ISPP over email, they need to login using these received credentials at the ISPP Admissions Portal, and subsequently fill out the Online Admissions Application Form, with necessary attachments.

    The Online Application can be completed over multiple sessions, and applicants shall have the option to progressively save parts of their application as they progress.

    ISPP’s Admissions Application Form requires the following information:

    1. PERSONAL DETAILS: Name; Date of Birth, Gender; Government ID Details
    2. CONTACT INFORMATION: Postal Correspondence Address, Nearest Metropolitan, Contact Number, Alternate Contact Number, Email Address
    3. ACADEMIC CREDENTIALS: Intermediate; Graduation; Other Qualifications such as Masters and PhD, if applicable
    4. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: Total Work Experience; Current / Last Organization Details, Current / Last Designation at Workplace
    5. STATEMENT OF PURPOSE: To be written in English Language in a minimum of 150 words and maximum of 750 words, explaining:
      1. why you want to attend a public policy programme
      2. how do you place a public policy programme in your career track
      3. why do you want to study the PG programme at ISPP

    In addition to the above information, applicants are also required to upload the following enclosures in their Admissions Application:

    1. CANDIDATE PHOTOGRAPH (Scanned / Digital Copy)
    2. IDENTIFICATION CERTIFICATE (Scanned / Digital Copy)

    A candidate cannot apply more than once in an entire admissions cycle. Duplicate applications are not considered and might lead to termination of an applicant’s candidature. Please contact the ISPP Admissions Office at [email protected] if you require to make any corrections in your application
    Decisions of the ISPP Admissions Office are final and non-negotiable, and no request for re-evaluation of any application shall be considered

    Selection Process

    Our unique selection process is designed to find outstanding and versatile candidates who reflect the ethos of ISPP. The selection is based purely on the merit of the applicants, and no recommendations are entertained by the Selection Committee or the Admissions Office.

    To be a perfect fit for the ISPP Scholar Cohort, an applicant must:

    1. desire to be a professional in public policy with leadership aspirations
    2. have a curious and questioning mind
    3. demonstrate an ability to think on one’s own and travel beyond received wisdom
    4. be deeply commitment to uphold the values and ethics of ISPP

    Admissions Applications are reviewed for the Personal Background, Academic and Professional Credentials, and Statement of Purpose of an applicant. Shortlisted applications are invited for the next stage of the process by ISPP Admissions Office within 5 days of the respective Round Deadline.

    If any Red-Flags, including Plagiarism or Misrepresentation of Information, are found in the Admissions Application, the ISPP Admissions Office shall immediately cancel the candidature of such applicants. No appeals in this regard from the applicant shall be entertained.

    ISPP has a rigorous 2-Part Selection Process that the shortlisted applicants will need to qualify for securing an admission to its one-year PG Programme. In case of successful completion of Part 1 (Aptitude Test), the applicants will be invited to participate in Part 2 (Policy Immersion Session).

    Part I: Aptitude Test

    Our PG Programme includes quantitative courses, as well as courses that address complex logical problems. To establish their fitness for the programme, shortlisted applicants are required to undertake an Online Test on the ISPP Admissions Portal. Immediately before the start of the test, an applicant can choose EITHER the quant test OR the logic test based on their preference and interest.

    The quant test evaluates an applicant’s grade 10 quant knowledge, while the logic test evaluates if the applicant is able to follow complex statements / chain of thoughts. Both tests have 10 questions each of similar complexity and weightage that the candidate must solve in total 30 minutes, and are not proctored.

    part II: Policy Immersion Session

    ISPP’s Policy Immersion Session aims to identify applicants who can understand and analyse real-world policy challenges, work together with their peers, and propose innovative, yet feasible solutions. The session also provides applicants a glimpse of the ISPP classroom and its distinctive, experiential approach to policy education. As an applicant, you shall spend approximately 4 hours with ISPP Faculty across two different evaluation stages, as listed under:

    1. GROUP EXERCISE: Applicants are presented an ‘open-ended policy scenario’, on which they work in groups to prepare and present their diverse viewpoints. During this process, the Selection Committee evaluates them on Critical Thinking and Analytical Skills, Ability to Articulate Ideas, and Collaboration Skills
    2. PERSONAL INTERACTIONS: After the group exercise, the Selection Committee holds individual interactions with each applicant to evaluate their Interest in Public Policy, Future Plans, and Fitness for the ISPP Programme.

    Depending on the geographical diversity of applications received and issued government advisory, ISPP Admissions Office shall decide the conduct of physical Policy Immersion Sessions during an Admissions Round: Online, Campus, Outstation.

    ISPP Admission Offer shall be made to successful candidates who have qualified all parts and stages of the Selection Process within 7 days of the last selection exercise in the respective admissions round.

    To counter disadvantage based on an applicant’s individual (current and historic) circumstances, ISPP adopts a contextualized approach when reviewing applications. By referring to a candidate’s educational and socio-economic profile, the ISPP Selection Committee is able to gain a contextual understanding of an applicant such as, if they belong to an underprivileged background, or have been geographically or socially restricted, or are restricted in their subject knowledge and expression due to a different academic training.

    Fee Structure

    ISPP’s Postgraduate Programme in Public Policy, Design and Management has a Total Programme Fee of ₹8,00,000 (+18% GST) for the 2023-24 Academic Year.

    The detailed fee structure is as under:

    1. ADMISSION FEE: ₹1,00,000 (+18% GST) to be deposited at the time of Acceptance of Admissions Offer
    2. TUITION FEE: ₹7,00,000 (+18% GST) to be deposited before the commencement of the programme
    3. SECURITY DEPOSIT: ₹20,000 (Refundable upon Programme Completion)

    Programme Tuition Fee is payable in instalments, details of which are shared with the Admissions Offer.

    Fee Refunds, as per the policy shared with the Admissions Offer, will only be made till 15 days after the commencement of the academic year at ISPP. No requests for fee refunds will be entertained should a scholar choose to withdraw their enrolment 15 days after the commencement of the academic year at ISPP.

    Financial Aid

    ISPP strives to be an inclusive institution and supports deserving applicants by enabling them to participate in its programme. ISPP offers merit-cum-means financial aid to applicants based on a combination of academic merit and financial need.

    ISPP Financial Aid Form requires applicants to self-report their financial situation and upload supporting documents. Please note that the Financial Aid Application has to be submitted along with the Admissions Application, before the respective round deadline.

    Financial Aid Application Form is available on the ISPP Admissions Portal after the submission of an Admissions Application, and is to be filed voluntarily if an applicant wishes to apply for Financial Aid

    The Financial Aid Office may connect with the applicant to understand the submitted information and enclosures. In addition, applicants are required to furnish any additional information or documents that the ISPP Financial Aid Office may request during the review of their aid application.

    Financial Aid Applicants receive their Financial Aid Result along with their Admission Result. In case the financial documents submitted by an applicant are still under review by the Financial Aid Office, their Financial Aid decision may be withheld until such review is completed.

    All decisions of the ISPP Admissions Office with respect to a Financial Aid Application are non-negotiable. ISPP reserves the right to conduct background verification checks for any applicant at any time during the admissions process or during the academic year, and the right to withdraw or modify the financial-aid with a change in financial circumstances of the applicant.

    Education Loan

    ISPP Admissions Office provides assistance to applicants in securing Education Loans to fund their education at ISPP. If you wish to apply for an Education Loan to fund your studies for ISPP's PG Programme, you can connect with us at [email protected] or call any representative of the ISPP Admissions Office.

    Most nationalized banks and lending institutions offer an Education Loan to ISPP Scholars. Our Admissions Office is committed to support you in the process of your Loan Application with any documents or information that your Loan Facility may require from time-to-time.

    In addition, the IDFC First Bank offers Education Loan to ISPP Scholars. If you want the IDFC First Team to directly get in touch with you, please send us an email authorization to share your contact details and particulars with them. The details of the IDFC First Education Loan can be accessed below.

    IDFC First Education Loan for ISPP Scholars

    Register for ‘Rendezvous’

    During the Application Window, our Admissions Office conducts recurring online ‘Rendezvous’ sessions for prospective applicants to acquaint them with ISPP, its Postgraduate Programme, and the Admissions Process. Online ‘Rendezvous’ Sessions discuss the following aspects in-detail for our applicants, followed by addressal of any queries:

    1. KNOW ISPP: About the Institute, Leadership and Faculty Members
    2. THE PROGRAMME: PG Programme, its Curriculum and Pedagogy, and Career Support and Placements
    3. ADMISSION PROCESS: Eligibility, Submitting an Admissions Application, Selection Process, Applying for Financial Aid, and Important Deadlines
    4. ISPP COMMUNITY: Experience of ISPP’s PG Programme Alumni and Current Scholars

    Our first Rendezvous for the 2023-24 Academic Year is scheduled on 18 December 2022 (Sunday) from 06:00 PM to 07:00 PM. To register, click on the link below.

    Register for Rendezvous


    • Programme
      • What is the structure of the ISPP Postgraduate Programme in Public Policy, Design and Management?

        ISPP’s Postgraduate Programme integrates diverse dimensions of Public Policy Education with an up-to-date curriculum and training in line with the best policy programmes offered across the globe.

        Capacity, flexibility and innovativeness are the three key factors in the design of our PG programme. We ensure you attend the right courses, clubbed with the ever-evolving practical knowledge sessions.

        Offered as the finest combination of compulsory courses, workshops, labs and collaborative certificates, ISPP brings forth the best resource persons, policy veterans and field experts to deliver one of the most innovative curriculums to its scholars. Throughout your time at ISPP, we will work to align your skills and make you industry-ready from an employer’s perspective.

      • What will be the ISPP Postgraduate Programme Class Size?

        ISPP is a growing institution working to provide premier policy education to all interested applicants. However, we are restricted by resources and are able to accommodate only a limited number of interested applicants.

        ISPP’s Class Size for its previous batch 2021-22 was 30 Scholars. Our current Class Size for batch 2022-23 is 60 Scholars. Moving forward, the incoming cohort of 2023-24 shall offer policy education to 75 Scholars.

      • Why is ISPP Postgraduate Programme offered as a one-year programme, and not as a two-year programme?

        One-year duration of our Postgraduate Programme is what gives the ISPP education an edge over the traditional master's degrees. In this one year of intensive training at ISPP, we cover all key aspects of policy education, including design thinking and management.

        Compared to a conventional two-year master’s programme, ISPP scholars spend less time studying, enter their choice of career earlier, and spend higher time solving real world challenges. With that being said, it is important to note that the programme is rigorous, demanding and intensive for its scholars.

      • Is the ISPP Postgraduate Programme a residential programme?

        No, the ISPP Postgraduate Programme is a non-residential programme. ISPP does not provide any residential facilities on its campus.

        Since most ISPP scholars are outstation candidates, the ISPP Admissions Team assists them in finding accommodation by sharing recommendations, experiences from past scholars etc. However, ISPP does take any responsibility for the price, contract or quality of services provided by the residential facility that the scholars may choose. Each scholar shall sign an individual and independent contract with their agreed residential facility.

        In case more than 10-15 scholars choose to stay in one residential facility or neighborhood, ISPP also provides a shuttle service to campus and back on nominal charges.

      • Does ISPP provide placements and career support to its Postgraduate Programme scholars?

        ISPP’s ‘3-Es towards Employment’ help scholars leverage their varied skill-sets and domain expertise, enabling them to pursue careers of their choice. In the last three cohorts, our scholars have been placed at E&Y India, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, SBI Foundation, The Economist Intelligence Unit, and LAMP Fellowship, among others. Some of our scholars, who wished to pursue their studies further, are now at the best global universities such as Oxford University, Georgia Tech, and University of Amsterdam, with the support, guidance and recommendations from ISPP’s prominent faculty members.

    • Eligibility
      • Who is eligible to apply for the ISPP PG Programme in Public Policy, Design and Management?

        Any candidates who have successfully completed their undergraduate studies, regardless of discipline, from an Indian or International University are eligible to apply to the ISPP Postgraduate Programme. Applicants currently enrolled in the final year of their undergraduate studies are also eligible; however, they must successfully complete all requirements of their undergraduate studies before the commencement of the programme at ISPP. Detailed eligibility criteria can be found on this page above, under the ‘Eligibility for Admission’ section.

      • If the medium of instruction in my institution was other than English, am I still eligible for the programme?

        Yes, irrespective of the medium of instruction in your matriculation, intermediate or graduation, you are eligible to apply for ISPP’s Postgraduate Programme. However, we expect a certain level of proficiency of English language in our scholars so that they are able to converse, read and write in English, given that the medium of instruction for the ISPP Postgraduate Programme is English.

        Additionally, we also have a Policy Writing and Communications Lab at ISPP which works closely with our scholars to help them improve their writing and communication skills.

    • Application
      • What are the ISPP Postgraduate Programme Application Deadlines?

        Admissions for ISPP’s Postgraduate Programme in Public Policy, Design and Management are conducted in three rounds. You can find exact dates and deadlines for application submission, financial aid application, admission decision, offer acceptance and commencement of classes on this page above, under the ‘Admissions Timeline’ section.

      • Is there any Application Fee for admission to ISPP Postgraduate Programme?

        No, ISPP does not charge any fee to submit an admission application to any of its programmes.

        As a democratic institution, we understand that our applicants come from diverse financial backgrounds. We provide access to a free admissions application to encourage every interested candidate to study at ISPP.

      • Are there any key points one must carefully address in their Admission Application to the ISPP Postgraduate Programme?

        We strongly advise that you complete all sections of your Admissions Application in English language with correct grammar, punctuation and spelling. You must upload all necessary documents as clear scanned copies, the text and information on which is readable by the Selection Committee.

        While writing the statement of purpose, please focus on: what public policy means to you, how are your academic and professional experiences built into your public policy interests, your career plan in public policy and your motivation to apply to ISPP.

        You can find elaborate details on submitting an admissions application to ISPP under the section ‘Application Process’ on this page above.

      • What are the documents I will need to complete my Admissions Application to ISPP Postgraduate Programme?

        You will need access to the following documents to complete your Admissions Application to ISPP Postgraduate Programme in Public Policy, Design and Management:

        1. Scanned or Digital JPG Copy of Photograph
        2. Scanned PDF of Identification Certificate, preferably Aadhaar
        3. Scanned PDFs of Class XII (Intermediate) Certificate and Marksheet
        4. Scanned PDFs of Graduation Degree and Transcripts clearly mentioning all subjects and courses studied
        5. Scanned PDFs of Any Other Qualifications’ Degree and Transcripts

        Please upload readable scans of all above documents, since they will be referred to by the ISPP Selection Committee during the Admission Process.

      • Do I need to complete the Online Admissions Application within one session?

        No, you can complete the Online Admissions Application over multiple sessions and have the option to save parts of the application as you proceed.

        However, the Online Aptitude Test must be completed in one sitting.

      • What should I do if I have submitted incorrect information or documents in my application?

        In case you have submitted any incorrect information or documents by error, please contact the ISPP Admissions Office immediately at [email protected] for necessary corrections. Do not submit another application, as it may lead to the termination of your candidature.

      • How will I know if my Admissions Application has been submitted to ISPP?

        You will receive an automated email from ISPP Admissions Portal, once your application is submitted. In case you have submitted your application but have not received the confirmation email, please get in touch with immediately at [email protected] to resolve your concern.

    • Selection
      • What is the Selection Process to the ISPP Postgraduate Programme?

        ISPP admits scholars to its Postgraduate Programme in Public Policy, Design and Management through a 2-Part Selection Process, which includes an ‘Online Aptitude Test’ followed by a ‘Policy Immersion Session’ in a GD-PI Format. Only shortlisted applicants, based on the information furnished in the Admissions Application are invited to the Selection Process. You can find detailed information on the Selection Process above, under the ‘Selection Process’ section.

      • How does ISPP conduct its selection process: Online or Offline?

        The application and selection process to ISPP is completely online: starting with an online application submitted using the ISPP Admissions Portal listed on ISPP Website, followed by an Online Aptitude Test attempted on the same ISPP Admissions Portal, to the Policy Immersion Sessions conducted on Zoom Virtual Platform.

        In case if government regulations permit, ISPP at its discretion may offer applicants the option to attempt the Policy Immersion Session from a physical venue.

      • How and when will I know if I have been selected to the ISPP Postgraduate Programme?

        In case you have been successful in the selection process at ISPP, you shall receive an Admission Offer within 7 days of the last selection exercise of the respective round, as an email communication listing:

        1. Guidelines for Offer Acceptance
        2. Fee Payment Guidelines, Refund Policy and Late Payment Charges
        3. Programme Commencement and Reporting Dates
      • Can I reapply if I have not been selected to the ISPP Postgraduate Programme?

        Yes, you can re-apply but not within the same academic year.

        You will have to submit a fresh application in the following year.

    • Fee Structure
      • What is the Fee Structure for the ISPP Postgraduate Programme?

        For the upcoming academic year, ISPP’s Postgraduate Programme in Public Policy, Design and Management is offered at a total programme fee of ₹8,00,000 (+18% GST). More details about the various components of the programme fee can be found above under the ‘Fee Structure’ section.

      • Is the ISPP Postgraduate Programme an expensive Public Policy Programme?

        When compared with Indian and global public policy programmes of similar repute, ISPP’s Postgraduate Programme Fee is on the lower end of the spectrum. In addition to this, ISPP assists its incoming scholars in securing Financial Loans and offers Financial Aid to outstanding candidates who need support to fund their studies.

      • Are there any financing options to fund my studies at ISPP?

        Most nationalized banks and lending institutions offer an Education Loan to ISPP Scholars. In addition, the IDFC First Bank offers Education Loan to ISPP Scholars.

        You can find detailed information about Financing Options for the ISPP Postgraduate Programme in the ‘Education Loan’ section above.

      • How can I make the fee payment if I am offered admission at ISPP?

        Fees can be paid using any account-to-account transfer method convenient to the offer holders: Wire Transfer (IMPS, NEFT or RTGS), Cheque or Demand Draft.

        Any additional transaction charges incurred by the bank to process the fee payments are to be borne by the applicants, over and above the fee being paid to ISPP.

        The applicants should note that the payment must be received in ISPP’s Bank Account, latest by office hours of the payment deadline.

        No fee payments shall be accepted by cash, under any circumstances.