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Prakhyat Mathur

PDM Scholar, Class of 2024

As a Research and Communication Associate at the Office of Dr. Fauzia Khan, a Hon’ble Rajya Sabha Member, Prakhyat Mathur conducts policy research and analysis on various issues, such as education, health, environment, and international relations. He also assists in drafting speeches, articles, and reports, and liaises with stakeholders and media. Prakhyat is passionate about policy formulation and development, and aims to contribute to the policy landscape with evidence-based and impactful solutions.

Prakhyat is also a postgraduate student at the Indian School of Public Policy, where he is learning the principles and practices of public policy design thinking and management. He has a diploma in Governance and Government Studies from the Indian Institute of Leadership and Governance. He is preparing for the UPSC Civil Services Examination, which has given him theoretical insights into global issues and challenges. Prakhyat has a keen interest in governance, international relations, and environmental policy, and hopes to shape a career at the intersection of these fields.


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