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Ranjeet Goswami

Global Head – Corporate Affairs, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)

Major Ranjeet Goswami, Retd., is the Global Head for Corporate Affairs at Tata Consultancy Services Ltd., where he oversees government relations for policy matters and contributes to various strategic initiatives.

With over 25 years of rich and diverse experience in government and policy, Ranjeet’s background spans from Defence and Homeland Security to e-Governance and CSR. His career includes significant contributions to government procedures and policies, both as a government official and an industry leader.

During his active service in the Indian Army, Ranjeet held various strategic and operational appointments, ranging from active combat service to serving as a Military Aide to a Governor. He has received multiple operational and service medals and was honored with the Governor’s appreciation for his contributions to the state.

Ranjeet holds a degree in Psychology from Maharaja’s College, Jaipur, and studied Business Management at the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore.

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