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Episode 1: India’s Power Elite

Sanjaya Baru1

The inaugural episode features Dr. Sanjaya Baru who will discuss his book India’s Power Elite. A key point of debate in political economy has been the role that elite play in shaping a country’s economic and political trajectory. Baru in his book maps their impact on India and offers important insights into what future policy makers should remember while planning for the future.

How have elite relations and structures evolved since independence? What has been the biggest consequence due to the changes in the composition of the elite? How have elite power struggles helped some and alienated others to such an extended that they have seceded from India? In this episode, we address these questions through a conversation with Dr. Sanjaya Baru.

He is a Professor at the Indian School of Public Policy, New Delhi, where he teaches the course Politics of Public Policy. Previously, he has served as the media advisor and chief spokesperson to the Indian Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh. He has written extensively on the Indian elite with his book India’s Power Elite holding some of the answers to the above questions.

Join us as we seek to unravel the mystery of how Indian elite power dynamics have shaped-up.

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