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Empathic Leadership in Formulating Public Policy

28 FEB Wednesday 17:30 IST
Duration :
1 hour(s) 30 minute(s)
Ms Shobhana Rana Guest Lecture Policy Relay

Delve into the Power of Empathetic Leadership in Public Policy with Ms. Shobhana Rana

Are you interested in exploring the transformative potential of empathetic leadership in shaping public policy?

Join us for an insightful session on 28 February featuring Ms. Shobhana Rana, a seasoned advisor and UN veteran with over 25 years of international expertise. Ms. Rana will delve into the critical role of empathy in effective governance and share her rich experience at the forefront of global conflict resolution.

Key takeaways:

📌Understand the pivotal role of empathy in public policy formulation.

📌Gain insights from Ms. Rana’s extensive experience in conflict resolution and governance.

📌Learn how to integrate empathy into your leadership approach.

Speaker Bio:

Ms. Shobhana Rana is currently an Advisor on Content for Mission Karmayogi Bharat, overseeing the creation of high-quality e-learning content for capacity building within government structures. With over two decades of experience in international affairs, she has served with the United Nations in peacekeeping operations and held leadership positions in academia and the private sector.

Location: ISPP Campus, K-11, Block K, Hauz Khas Enclave, Hauz Khas, New Delhi, Delhi 110016