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ISPP Policy Hackathon 2022

11 JUN 2022 Saturday 10:00 Asia/Kolkata
Duration :
8 hour(s)

Policy Hackathon on “Gender”

Entries close on June 10, 2 PM.

“Gender equality is more than a moral issue; it is a vital economic issue. For the global economy to reach its potential, we need to create conditions in which all women can reach their potential.”

As per the 2011 census, women constitute around 48.5% of the total Indian population but constitute only 14.4% of elected representatives of the Parliament. This raises serious concerns about the disenfranchisement of women from public life and from policy-making. Simultaneously, there exist deep concerns about the systemic inequalities that Indian women have to face on a daily basis. For instance, 27.3% of the women between the ages of 20-24 were married or in a union before the age of 18 raising serious concerns about child rights. Addressing these deeply rooted issues is critical for India to truly enjoy inclusive growth. After all, a 2015 Mckinsey Global report found that India could boost its GDP by 16-60% by 2025 if it brought female labour force participation at par with men.

ISPP Policy Hackathon is inviting individuals to work on problem statements and present their solutions in front of an eminent jury panel. While the participants can register individually, the shortlisted finalists will be grouped into different teams on the day of the event. The teams can present their ideas in the form of a poster/PowerPoint presentation/poem/songs/skit – whichever form they think communicates their solution best.

Some questions the teams may consider (Think on and beyond)

  • Do we think enough about women and their needs while we budget- be it in the household or in companies?
  • Has laws such as maternity benefits and POSH discouraged companies from hiring women?
  • How can we encourage companies to create more gender-favoured work policies?
  • What kind of policy interventions will help in reducing the dropout rate of a girl child?
  • What are the ways to bring women back into the workforce post-pandemic?
  • How can we design policies to create better access to housing and health for women?
  • How can we bridge the wage gap?

How to apply?

Step 1: Make a 2-minute video presentation
Step 2: Upload the video on the link in the registration form

What happens after they register?

  • Once they register, their entry will be assessed based on the clarity, communication, and innovation showcased in the video submission.
  • As soon as they submit, they will get a surprise reward.
  • Shortlisted finalists will be taken to the next round.
  • While they have to participate individually, they will be grouped into different teams
  • on the day of the grand finale. (In-person participation is encouraged as it will give them a feel of the competition.)
  • The teams will have 3 hours to identify and analyse the policy issue and work on a solution.
  • On completion of 3 hours, the teams will appear before the jury for a presentation that starts at 2:00 pm.
  • Teams will begin their 10-minute presentation to the judges followed by Q&A from the jury for another ten minutes.

It’s a great opportunity for participants to ideate, and find solutions to impending policy issues to hack the gender gap and network.