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Law in public policy careers

27 JUN Thursday 19:00 UTC
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1 hour(s)
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Law In Public Policy Careers (1)

Non-UPSC careers in public policy

Transform Your Legal Expertise into Public Policy Impact!

Are you a law graduate passionate about making a difference through public policy? Join ISPP’s exclusive webinar and explore exciting career opportunities in Public Policy and Law!

Date: 27 June | Time: 7 PM


Dr Neeti Shikha- Lecturer, University of the West of England

Urvashi Shahi- Head – Placements, Partnerships and Strategic Alliances, ISPP

Shiksha Dahiya – Manager, Public Policy, Chase India, ISPP Class of 2023

Shreshth Sinha – Incoming- Dua Consulting, ISPP Class of 2024

Career Opportunities:

– Policy Analysis & Research: Work with top think tanks and research institutions.

– Legal Consultancy: Advise governments, NGOs, and corporations on policy and regulatory issues.

– Advocacy & NGOs: Drive policy changes through legal frameworks.

– Corporate Public Affairs: Lead CSR initiatives and corporate public policy strategies.

– Government Relations: Represent and advise on legislative processes and policy implementation.

– International Organisations: Work with global bodies like the UN, World Bank, and more.

Why Attend?

– Learn from industry leaders and experts.

– Discover how ISPP’s one-year programme can help you transition into impactful public policy careers.

– Network with professionals and peers.

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Unlock a fulfilling career in public policy and law. Don’t miss this opportunity to shape the future!