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Mapping the Frontier for Land Reform in India

17 JUN 2023 Saturday 17:00 IST
Duration :
1 hour(s) 30 minute(s)
Where :
ISPP Campus
Mapping The Frontier For Land Reform In India

We invite you to join a diverse panel of experts to discuss the land and agriculture landscape of the country on the 17th of June at 5 PM at the ISPP Campus. The event promises to be a unique and timely discussion on “Mapping the Frontier for Land Reform in India: An Empirical Analysis.”

The panel will provide a comprehensive view of the current state of land laws across 20 main Indian states and suggest reforms needed to give farmers greater security of tenure, increase access to land, and to boost rural productivity and household incomes.

Agricultural land in India continues to be burdened with numerous legal restrictions and conflicting claims that hinder its productive use and limits access to land for all. The true frontier of land reform goes beyond simply clarifying individual land records and titles. Researchers from the Center for Civil Society in Delhi and the XKDR Forum in Mumbai have conducted extensive analysis, including surveying farm households in the state of Maharashtra. They have extracted and evaluated textual data from more than one hundred legal provisions across Indian states. This has allowed them to measure the distance of each state from the reform frontier, providing us with both a provisional ranking of the states and a comprehensive road map for much needed land reform including in the state and central land acquisition laws. The panel will also assess the conceptual framework and historical perspective on Indian land reforms put forth by the research team.

We warmly invite students and working professionals at the ISPP Campus to join us for this engaging event. Gain valuable insights into the challenges and potential solutions surrounding land reform in India. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to broaden your knowledge and contribute to the conversation.