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Session 1 | Design Thinking for public policy

15 OCT 2022 Saturday 17:00 IST
Duration :
1 hour(s)
Where :
Online on Zoom
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We live in a world of increasing uncertainty where definitive answers remain elusive.There is ambiguity all around us and we have to constantly adapt and co-create in order to thrive.

This capacity is at the heart of Design Thinking. With the core idea of applying empathy, enhancing the ability to identify and respond to challenges, applying greater sensitivity while dealing with people-centric businesses, and innovating and scaling ideas across products, services or policy interventions, Design Thinking must be used as an important aspect in problem solving and decision making.

The complex field of public policy also demands a strong understanding of Design Thinking, as it helps keep the end-user at the centre of policy decisions. It holds the promise of assisting policymakers to create interventions and services that enhance public value. As this industry expands and the job opportunities in the development sector grow, professionals who are well-versed with Design Thinking will find a strong place in the Public Policy Community.

Indian School of Public Policy, the first-of-its-kind knowledge institution, organised a webinar on “Design Thinking for Public Policy” with award-winning industrial designer Amit Krishn Gulati on October 15, 2022.

In this Policy Relay Session, Amit talked about the role Design Thinking plays in making sound policies. He also discussed how the knowledge of applying the subject in solving problems can drastically improve results and benefits for all stakeholders, and how can it support public managers in their processes by enhancing citizen experience. The audience also had the opportunity to hear Amit’s experiences during the formulation of various policies across the transportation, health and other sectors.

If you are passionate about Design Thinking and want to explore the growth avenues Public Policy sector holds for you, watch the video here