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Session 3 | Constitution, Law and Policy

22 OCT 2022 Saturday 17:00 IST
Duration :
1 hour(s)
Where :
Online on Zoom
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Public policy operates within the constitutional framework, and works with law to command obedience from the citizens. Understanding the difference between law and policy, and the intersections between the two, is extremely critical for policy professionals. Although it is not mandatory to possess a qualification in law in order to work in a policy role, research
suggests that professionals having sound knowledge of constitution and law have an advantage when working on policy issues.

Indian School of Public Policy, the first-of-its-kind knowledge institution, organised a webinar on “Constitution, Law and Policy” with Dr. Neeti Shikha, a corporate law faculty at the University of Bradford, and a specialist in insolvency laws and corporate governance, on October 22, 2022.

In this Policy Relay Session, Dr. Neeti talked about the role of constitution and law in the policy making process. Whether you are thinking between law or policy, or work that intersects the two, this session will provide you insights on how the subjects of constitution and law are critical to the field of policy making, how lawyers can contribute in the policy discourse, and why policy professionals should strengthen their legal and constitutional knowledge.

If you are passionate about the subjects of constitution and law, and want to explore the growth avenues Public Policy holds for you, watch the video here