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In Conversation with Angellica Aribam

Angellica Aribam is a political activist working on issues of gender, race, and the democratisation of politics. She was named one of Forbes India’s “30 Under 30” in 2017 for her work on policy and politics. In 2012, she became the first student from the marginalised northeastern region of India to be elected to the Delhi University Executive Committee. In 2019, she founded Femme First Foundation, a non-partisan non-profit organisation, to amplify women’s political leadership in India based on her lived experiences as a first generation woman in politics. Her work has been featured widely by both national and international media.

Recorded online in May, Priyadarshini Krishnaraj talks to Ms. Aribam about enhancing meaningful representation of women in politics and some of the challenges that women leaders face in India.