Conversing with Utkarsh Roy, Rahul Raina, and Naman Gupta In Conversation with Utkarsh Roy, Rahul Raina and Naman Gupta | Indian School of Public Policy Humane ClubMade in Humane Club
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In Conversation with Utkarsh Roy, Rahul Raina and Naman Gupta

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Mr Utkarsh Roy is one of the co-founders of Introbot AI, a WhatsApp-based artificial intelligence software that helps people find verified covid resources in real-time. He founded this software alongside Mr. Divyaansh Anuj. Mr Roy did his MSc in Computer Science from the University of Toronto and was the co-founder and CEO of OhWow, a mobile-first file sharing tech startup for the creator economy.

Mr Rahul Raina and Mr Naman Gupta are the co-creators of the Covid Resource India bot, that provides similar services on Twitter. They are graduates of the School of Accelerated Learning in Secunderabad. Mr Raina did his Bachelors of Engineering in Production Engineering and works as a Node JS developer at Link Fields Inn. Mr Gupta did his Bachelors of Commerce from Delhi University, his Masters in Computer Applications at Indira Gandhi National University before joining the School of Accelerated Learning. He works as a backend developer at Everest Engineering.

Recorded online in June, Shivani Menon, a student of economics at King’s College London, talks to the three co-founders about the policy landscape for such operations, challenges encountered, and the prospects of AI in the future. This conversation draws from the expertise of the pioneering work of the people behind the artificial intelligence software aiding covid-resource allocation in informing the larger public policy discourse surrounding the usage of artificial intelligence in health crisis management in India.