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Make A Difference – Become A Public Policy Expert With ISPP’s PDM

Become A Public Policy Expert And Make A Difference With Ispp!

Real People Making Real Impact! PDM By ISPP Can Help! | Programme Highlights | Academic Pedagogy | World-class faculty | Eligibility | Fee Structure | Placements

Making A Difference!

Climate change is an undeniable reality, with its global impacts becoming increasingly evident. In Maharashtra’s Marathwada and Vidarbha regions, severe drought has adversely affected 90 lakh farmers, prompting the declaration of a drought in over 29,000 villages.

Amid efforts by various public figures and activists to address the crisis and prevent farmer suicides, one individual has been working diligently, striving to illuminate the future of the farming community.

Meet 28-year-old Ashok Deshmane, residing in Pune with his family, including his wife, parents, and what he calls his own—25 children he has rescued and essentially adopted. These children belong to farmers residing in drought-affected areas, reflecting Ashok’s silent but impactful commitment to their well-being.

I was inspired by Baba Amte, one of the most known social activists in Maharashtra. I felt if I had the will I would find the way. I began working night shifts, and for 8 months I continued to work towards setting up this shelter. A friend of mine gave away his old house of 4 rooms for the children to live in, and I got Snehwan registered. However, the night shifts began affecting my health.~ Ashok Deshmane

So, by August 2016, he quit his full-time, high-paying job and dedicated himself to giving quality education to his children.

Individuals of today are increasingly drawn to a life centred around fulfilment rather than solely prioritising financial gains. Some have even chosen to depart from high-paying jobs with the intent of making a meaningful impact. This is why the Indian development sector has rapidly expanded in the last two decades. As a result, numerous new educational institutions providing public policy courses, along with the emergence of think tanks, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation agencies, have emerged.. Currently, there is a substantial demand for skilled professionals possessing a comprehensive understanding of the Indian context, proficiency in public policy and governance, and domain-specific technical expertise, surpassing the available supply.

Since public policy is much in demand, there must be several institutes that cater to this requirement. Which is the best one?

PDM By The Indian School Of Public Policy

ISPP presents its flagship initiative, the Policy, Data Management, and Design programme, catering to individuals aspiring to make a positive impact in public policy. This rigorous one-year programme is meticulously designed to impart the intricacies of policymaking, spanning seven terms, each lasting 7 weeks. The programme culminates in the Capstone Exercise, a pinnacle where scholars address real-world policy challenges by formulating innovative solutions.

Complementing academic training, ISPP’s PDM Programme provides access to valuable networking opportunities, professional forums, and support for career development and job placements. This holistic curriculum equips aspiring policy professionals with the knowledge and connections essential for influencing positive change in the realm of public policy.

Programme Highlights

The programme delivers a comprehensive grasp of public policy by seamlessly incorporating design and management principles. Its goal is to amplify students’ proficiency in systems thinking and policy leadership. Going beyond mere policy analysis and development, participants will gain insights into integrating practical considerations such as finance, capabilities, and ethics. The curriculum places a premium on cultivating expertise in the implementation, management, and evaluation of policies, encompassing both public administration and policy domains. This approach ensures that students acquire a well-rounded foundation for successful policy leadership and implementation.

Take a peak into the class profile 2023.

1. Harris Uchicago: Certificate In Public Policy
2. Immersive Learning Engagements Interactive Labs
3. Career Support & Placements
4. Tea & Policy

Academic Pedagogy 

ISPP is dedicated to fostering the development of future policy leaders. Our scholars participate in a dynamic academic programme in Public Policy, enriched by rigorous training in management, communication, and leadership.

The ISPP academic curriculum is meticulously crafted to nurture expertise in both theory and practice, with a central emphasis on driving meaningful change. It harmoniously integrates classroom instruction, skill enhancement, real-world application, and leadership and management training across foundational, core, and supplementary courses. This approach ensures that students acquire a comprehensive foundation, preparing them to excel as proficient policy leaders.

World-class Faculty

Being the nation’s leading public policy school, ISPP’s faculty is composed of distinguished academics, researchers, and practitioners with diverse backgrounds. Our world-class faculty brings a wealth of knowledge, unique expertise, and extensive experience to the institution.

Eligibility For PDM Admission

  • Applications are invited from graduates of any discipline, whether from Indian or international universities.
  • Final-year undergraduates are eligible to apply but must complete their degree before the commencement of the PG programme.
  • While work experience is preferred, it is not mandatory for exceptional candidates.
  • There are no specific skills or technical background requirements, except for proficiency in numerical literacy and language. 
  • The selection process emphasises evaluating excellence and commitment through both curricular and extracurricular activities.
  • Ideal candidates exhibit collaborative ability, leadership qualities, effective communication skills, humility, and adaptability.

Fee Structure

ISPP’s Postgraduate Programme in Public Policy, Design, and Management has a Total Programme Fee of ₹8,40,000 with an Infrastructure Development fee: ₹ 40,000 (+18% GST) for the 2024-25 Academic Year.

The detailed fee structure for ISPP’s PDM is as mentioned here.

ISPP also provides merit-cum-means scholarships to students based on their financial needs and academic merit. Explore the available scholarships and financial support options.


Students explore employment prospects in sectors such as Government, NGOs, Think Tanks, Academia, and Public and Industry Bodies. They also receive support for off-campus opportunities and interviews.

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