Admissions 2021-22

India’s First 1-year programme in Policy, Design & Management – redefining public policy courses in India

The programme is a comprehensive training course for students aiming for high-profile careers in public policy practice.

Programme Overview

The programme is a comprehensive training course for students aiming for high-profile careers in public policy practice.

The aim of the programme will be to equip tomorrow’s policy leaders with core skills in implementation, management & assessment.

This public policy course in Policy, Design & Management is built and designed for aspiring public policy managers, practitioners and administrators.

The programme will ground students in a strong public policy foundation with theoretical rigour, while being experience and problem driven.

The programme will be open to all students, who qualify on merit, without assuming prior policy experience.

Programme Structure

1-year, full-time programme with regular classes & coursework

8 academic terms of 6 weeks each

Policy lectures, seminars & workshops for through the duration of the programme

Components of the Programme

The Indian School of Public Policy follows a 360-degree comprehensive training philosophy, and the curriculum is a blended design of the theory, perspectives and best practices of public policy from around the world, augmented with technical, managerial, and leadership skills to navigate complex challenges facing the country and sub-continent.
  1. Health Policy and Management
  2. Education Policy and Design
  3. Environmental Studies
  4. Science, Technology, and Infrastructure Policy
  5. Urbanization and Governance
  6. National Security
Policy Exercises
Students will work on a practical policy formulation, using basics learnt during the programme.
Focus will be placed on comprehension, integration of elements and communication.

Topics will be based on the student's choice of specialization.

Capstone Seminars
Students work on policy formulation using advanced analytical skills & tools.
Focus will be on serious research, quantitative modelling, and integrative of the various elements learnt in the course material.

Topics will be based on the student's choice of specialization.

1. Data Analysis and Quantitative Techniques for Public Policy

Course Workshop
Statistics - I R Programming

2. Philosophical and Cultural Foundations of Public Policy

Political Philosophy of Public Policy
Society and Culture
Ethics of Public Policy

3. Systems and Design Thinking

Course Workshop
Design Thinking in Public Policy Design Thinking in Public Policy

4. Fundamentals of Strategic Decision Making

Course Workshop
Critical Thinking and Reasoning Game Theory Workshop
Game Theory

5. Fundamentals of Governance and Markets

Course Workshop
Markets for Development Market Failures

6. Economics and Heuristics for Development

Understanding Behaviour
Economica for Policy-making
Public Policy and Development

7. Legal Decision making in Public Policy

Course Workshop
Laws and Policies of Modern India Case Studies of Laws and Policies of Modern India
Constitutional Law and Public Policy Contracts: Reading and Writing
Law and Economics

8. Civil Society and Change

Course Workshop
Politics, Civil Society, and Advocacy Case studies of successful collective action

9. Finance and Budgeting for Public Administration

Course Workshop
Public Finance in India Accounts and Balance Sheets
Project Finance
Public Procurement

10. Government, Politics, and Policy Studies

Public Administration in Practice
Politics of Public Policy

11. Leadership in Public Service

Negotiation, Pursuasion, Dissuasion
Delegation and Time Management
Grant Writing and Fundraising

12. Policy Communication

Course Workshop
Media, Public Opinion and Policy Mass Campaigns
Writing and Communication

13. Evaluation of Programs and Projects

Studies in Evidence Based Policy Making
Impact Evaluation (Quantiative)
Impact Evaluation (Qualitative)
Impact Evaluation - Theory of Choice
Concurrent Monoitoring and Evaluation
Problems and Needs Assessment

14. Strategic Studies

Foreign Policy
National Security

15. Applied Aspects of Public Policy, Management and Design

Urban Governance
Public Administration in Practice
Technology and Public Policy

Combining theoretical rigour with experiential learning to develop world-class professionals.

Life at the ISPP

At the ISPP – a center for public policy training in Delhi – you’ll be joining a select group of talented and ambitious students, who have also been socially conscious and intellectually curious. While you will all come to the ISPP to develop as serious and skilled public policy professionals, you will also find the time and scope to build a substantial and vibrant community with your classmates, faculty members and others – this is the essence of the envisaged life at the ISPP that aims to be one of the best public policy schools.

Life at the ISPP promises to be challenging, stimulating and exhilarating!

Apply now to join the second batch and build a legacy!

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