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Voices From The Classroom: ISPP Through The Eyes Of Its Scholars

Voices From The Classroom Ispp Through The Eyes Of Its Scholars (1)

The Genuine Narratives Of Students | A Lifelong Learner’s Paradise | Bridging The Gap Between Engineering And Policy |  ISPP Provide An Opportunity for Transformative Growth | A Call to Change-Makers

Embarking on a journey of higher education is not merely a pursuit of academic knowledge but a transformative experience that shapes one’s perspective and aspirations. In this blog, we delve into the genuine narratives of alumni – Karuna Reang and Shristy Singh, who are currently graduated from the Indian School of Public Policy (ISPP), offering a glimpse into their unique journeys, experiences, and the impact the programme has had on their lives.

Karuna Reang: A Lifelong Learner’s Paradise

Karuna Reang, an alumnus of the Postgraduate Programme in Public Policy, Design & Management at ISPP, comes from a social science background with a major in International Studies from Stonehill College, Boston. Her journey to ISPP began during her Youth for India fellowship with the SBI Foundation, where she discovered her inclination towards public policy.

At ISPP, I found a unique educational haven in India, dedicated to democratising education. The exceptional faculty, drawn from Samaaj, Sarkar, and Bazaar, fostered a vibrant learning environment in Delhi’s policy-making hub.
My commitment to lifelong learning seamlessly aligned with ISPP’s philosophy. Beyond traditional classrooms, ISPP offered immersive programmes like my stint with the Ministry of Urban Housing Affairs, translating classroom knowledge into practical skills.
My ISPP journey was marked not only by academic rigour but also by the nurturing of my passion for public policy. The interdisciplinary curriculum provided a holistic understanding, integrating diverse perspectives. Immersed in an environment valuing curiosity, I was fueled to contribute meaningfully to public policy.

~ Karuna Reang, an alumnus of the PDM at ISPP

Shristy Singh: Bridging the Gap between Engineering and Policy

Shristy Singh, a member of the Class of 2023, another alumnus brings a unique blend of electronics engineering expertise and a passion for public policy to ISPP. With a year of experience at Tata Consultancy Services, Shristy sought a formal education in public policy, ultimately choosing ISPP for its holistic programme.

Through my immersive learning programme with the EGov Foundation, I gained insights into digital public infrastructure and the complexities of governance delivery through technology. Coming from a non-social sciences background, I value ISPP for providing me with a solid understanding of history, economics, and other subjects that enrich my perspective.
My experience at ISPP goes beyond academics. I appreciate the institution’s open and inclusive platform, where students and faculty engage in meaningful conversations without inhibitions. This freedom to express opinions fosters a unique learning environment, setting ISPP apart from my previous academic experiences.
In my exploration of ISPP, I find myself amidst a community that transcends disciplinary boundaries. I acknowledge the diversity of my peers, including those with a political science background, enriching my learning experience. I value the inclusive environment that encourages dialogue between students of varied academic backgrounds. This diversity, I believe, is a unique strength of ISPP, fostering a community where individuals with different perspectives collaborate to understand and address complex policy challenges. My journey underscores the importance of cultivating an environment that embraces a range of perspectives and experiences.

~ Shristy Singh, Class of 2023, ISPP.

The ISPP Programme: An Opportunity for Transformative Growth

The Post Graduate Programme in Policy, Design, and Management at ISPP offers a comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach to public policy education. It is a platform for individuals like Karuna and Shristy, providing them with the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to tackle complex policy challenges.

The programme’s emphasis on theoretical learning, practical applications, internships, and real-world projects ensures that scholars not only grasp the intricacies of public policy but also apply them in real-world scenarios. The diverse faculty, industry experts, and fellow scholars contribute to a dynamic learning environment, fostering personal and professional growth.

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A Call to Change-Makers: Shape your Future with ISPP
As we conclude these insightful narratives, we extend an invitation to potential change-makers and problem-solvers. The ISPP programme is more than an educational endeavor; it’s an opportunity to be part of a dynamic community dedicated to driving positive change through public policy.

If you’re a recent graduate, a young professional, or someone considering a career transition, ISPP invites you to be part of a transformative journey. Join a community of scholars who share your passion for making a difference and contribute to shaping the future of our nation through the power of public policy.

Ready to embark on this transformative journey? 

The final call for applications for the upcoming Post Graduate Programme in Public Policy, Design & Management cohort is open. 

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