Ajay Shah

Professor, National Institute for Public Finance and Policy

Ajay Shah

Ajay Shah is Professor at the National Institute for Public Finance and Policy.

Prior to the NIPFP, he has held positions at the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (Mumbai), Indira Gandhi Institute for Development Research (Bombay) and the Ministry of Finance.

His research interests include policy issues on Indian economic growth, open economy macroeconomics, public finance, financial economics and pensions. In the past decade, he was been extensively involved in numerous policy processes, namely: reforms of equity market, and the New Pension System.

Dr. Shah’s recent publications include “Building State capacity for regulation in India”, “Diagnosing and overcoming sustained food price volatility: Enabling a national market for food”, and “The rise of government-funded health insurance in India”.

Dr. Shah studied at IIT, Bombay, and USC, Los Angeles.