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    • Applicants having 1+ year of work experience will have distinctive advantage in selection process.


    ISPP trains its scholars to be leaders for policy action. Our scholars not only undergo a comprehensive academic programme in Public Policy, but are also rigorously trained in management, communication and leadership skills. The one year academic session is divided into 7 terms of 7 weeks each.

    Academics at ISPP is designed on skills, ethics and leadership to nurture masters of theory and practice, with the objective of impacting change. The curriculum integrates classroom learning, skill building, application and leadership and management training consisting of foundation, core and supporting courses.

    Academic Forum

    ISPP developed an academic discussion platform that allows scholars to engage in conversations on various topics and link them to academic components from ISPP courses and workshops. The platform enables scholars to post, reply, and react to posts and replies. Faculty members can access the platform to engage with scholars, respond to questions, and address issues outside the class.

    ISPP believes that scholars should be participants, not mere consumers, in their studies. The institution expects scholars to graduate with specialized knowledge of a policy area, a broad understanding of current policy issues, and skills applicable in diverse contexts and roles. ISPP strives to provide a learning environment that offers personalized attention to each scholar.


    Academic Philosophy : SPELL
    • Fundamental Courses
    • Courses
    • Domains
    • Workshops & Labs

    Academic Philosophy: The SPELL Framework

    At ISPP, we believe in a holistic approach to policy, design and management which is based on the five pillars of Skills (S), Political Economy (P), Ethics (E), Leadership (L), and Lifelong learning (L). We have integrated the SPELL framework in designing the curriculum and the overall learning environment at the institution.


    SKILLS: The curriculum at ISPP is focused on imparting specific skills needed to have a successful career in public policy and to be a thought leader.


    POLITICAL ECONOMY: A significant aspect of public policy is shaped by political & economic forces, as well as resource constraints & societal interests. Policymakers must know how to navigate the complex interplay of politics, economics, law, culture, government and governance.


    ETHICS: At ISPP, We believe that effective policy leaders have high ethical standards and a deep understanding of ethical considerations behind their decisions, actions and conduct.


    LEADERSHIP: ISPP aims to train policymakers with a deep understanding of leadership principles and the ability to apply them in various situations.


    LIFELONG LEARNING: At ISPP, we believe in the spirit of lifelong learning and engagement in the pursuit of knowledge. We envision ISPP as a starting point on a path of discovery and exploration.

    Fundamental Courses

    • Critical Thinking
      Nimish Adhia
    • Design Thinking
      Amit Krishn Gulati
    • Ethics of Public Policy
      Yugank Goyal


    • Business and Government
      Krishna K Ladha
    • Capstone
      Shubhashis Gangopadhyay
    • Economics
      Shubhashis Gangopadhyay
    • Economics of Public Policy
      Pronab Sen
    • Game Theory
      Krishna K Ladha
    • Law & Economics
      Shubhashis Gangopadhyay
    • Markets for Developments
      Parth J. Shah
    • Politics of Public Policy
      Dhruva Mathur
    • Statistics Part I
      Amey Sapre
    • Statistics Part II
      Amey Sapre


    • Education
      Dr V Santhakumar
    • Environment
      Dr Sangeeta Bansal
    • Health
      Amir Ullah Khan
    • Infrastructure
      Kalpana Dube
    • Technology
      Dr Archana Gulati
    • Urbanisation
      Dr. O P Agarwal
    • National Security
      Lt Gen (Dr) Rakesh Sharma (Retd.)

    Workshops & Labs

    • Antarang Leadership Lab
      Luis Miranda
    • Policy Case Consulting workshop
      Dhruva Mathur
    • Policy Praxis Lab
      Shubhashis Gangopadhyay Dhruva Mathur
    • Quant Lab
      Nayla Chauhan
    • Writing and Communication Lab
      Vincy Davis