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    • Applicants having 1+ year of work experience will have distinctive advantage in selection process.

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    Workshops & Instructors

    Workshops are academic sessions aimed at application based skill-building. Through the workshops, scholars will familiarise themselves with key policy analysis tools. Workshops will also serve to introduce scholars to theoretical tools, as well as essential soft skills required in the public policy field.

    Engaging public policy stakeholders requires a sound understanding of the policy landscape, skills to conduct research, write scientifically, and the ability to repurpose....

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    The Antarang Leadership Lab (ALL) is an experiential lab. ALL aims to make our scholars more aware of themselves and their surroundings.

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    Public policy governs every action one takes as well as the consequences of these actions.

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    Policy Parallax is a monthly discussion group that brings diverse perspectives and analytical frameworks to bear on public policy problems.

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    Domains & Experts

    Nine domains have been identified as issues that India will grapple with as it transforms itself into a more evolved society. During their time at ISPP, scholars will opt for 3 domains for further studies. Through a combination of lectures and assignments, these will serve to improve the scholars’ understanding of key policy issues in that domain.